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Creativity without Borders

Enjoy creative tasks and questions that stimulate creativity and curiosity – suggestions for your child’s interests

Quality time, positive parenting
Emotional Connection

Express feelings and get into the habit of analyzing one’s day. Harness the power of gratitude. Give kids a vocabulary to express their inner reality.

Children Self-Reflection, reflective thinking, Children's Thinking Skills

Explore outside world and pay attention to nature. Use suggested non-trivial topics for discussion. 


Solar system coloring activity in My Bright Journal
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Weirdest food draw activity
teach kids to care for the environment, save planet, environmentalism for kids
creativity, self-awareness, curiosity, quality time with kids
Memory-boosting game, improve memory skills



It is crucial that you, as a parent, fill the journal in together with your child, turn these 20 minutes into quality time.

To help you to get the conversation started, each session contains the following sections:

  • Topic of the day. Use the topic of the day to engage your child in a fun and non-intrusive conversation. The variety of topics there are just a good start.
  • Scientific facts are selected in a way to stimulate further questions, such as “Why?”, “What for?” and “Is it really true?”. The world’s secrets are being exposed every day; help your child discover them.
  • Observing nature. Suggest that your child pay attention to a bug, listen to the birds, or look up at the stars. It’s not only about respecting our planet, but in developing mindfulness as a habit.
  • Food notes. We want to demonstrate the connection between the food your child eats and the way he or she feels.
  • Gratitude corner. Besides being grateful to others, teach your child to be grateful to himself or herself. Teach your child to find joy in simple things, to be happy, to be an optimist and also love life.

A box for daily reflection. We left this box intentionally blank, for your child to draw or write about the day’s main event. A space for him or her to reflect on the day and notice life is full of interesting things – something beyond just “okay”.

Since children like to know what is coming next, we’ve kept the same page structure from day to day, which makes children more comfortable.  Only the topics and suggested activities for the day change.

Pages on the left side contain fun activities and tasks.

Main page My Bright Journal


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My Bright Journal was designed by parents for parents. We understand you, as we have much in common: we work, we love our children, we do not know the magic secret to raising kids, and we are always seeking what’s best for our family’s development.”

Each of the 176 pages in My Bright Journal helps parents engage with their children and do things together.

This is more than just an activity or coloring book per se.  It’s not only about kids writing about their daily activities.

It is more about their emotions, feelings, self-reflection and experiences. It’s about a mindful life approach and respect for their inner and outer world, as well as the desire to be closer to your children and understand them better.

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