Irina_NegovanHi, I’m Irina Negovan. I used to be a successful professional with a career in corporate finance. I travelled a lot and thought I would become the perfect mother one day. Things turned out to be a little more complicated when my first kid was born. A year later, I awoke to the realization that I had become a work-from-home mom, who was drowning in chores. I had forgotten about any ambitious career goals or high heels.

Now I am a mother of two energetic children – a boy of seven and a two-year-old girl – as well as being entrepreneur and publisher. We live together with my beloved husband in The Netherlands, but I am originally from Ukraine with family roots deep in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

I continue to learn everyday, and both my children and my financial background help me to stay organized and keep up with my enthusiastic little ones.

What didn’t change with motherhood was that I strongly support healthy lifestyles, I am concerned about the environment, and I am passionate about sharing helpful things, including my knowledge, hints and tricks about many things.

At some point in my life, I was absorbing a lot of information and began documenting everything on the Evernote platform, sharing it with everybody needing advice or support. Finally, my friends convinced me to start a blog do they could take advantage of the ability to access my notes anytime ?

Nowadays, I openly share knowledge and tips about raising children, how to engage and connect with them, and how to develop their creativity and stimulate their curiosity, and also regarding healthy lifestyles and books. My other life-hacks cover traveling, books, entrepreneurship, a mindful lifestyle, healthy food and even productivity.

As finance professionals, my husband and I love to bring structure to things. However, as working parents, we are often quite busy so we keep both questions and answers brief. We may worry that are we missing out on something important happening in our children’s lives, or we may be worried that our children still don’t know how to convey their feelings and that it would be great to spend more time together. For these reasons, my husband and I came up with the idea of a journal to keep together with our children.

We created “My Bright Journal” to help parents engage with their children and do things together.


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