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“A stay-at-home dad is still considered a rare specimen.” The Diaper Chronicles

In our international school, I see a lot of men who have set aside their own careers and followed their wives/partners on international assignments. Some dads seem to be quite comfortable with the decision to be stay-at-home dads, and if they aren’t, it’s not as apparent.

Regardless of which spouse has to decide, this is one of the biggest and most important career moves they will make – going from the rat race to domestic chaos. Now, they are tossed into the world of play dates, making costumes for music performance, dinner menus, and housework.

I asked a couple of dads about how are they doing:
— some are burned out

— have feelings of isolation

— dealing with stereotypes (many are negative)

— annoyed with meals to plan and prepare

— multitasking

— coping with braiding daughter’s hair.

When one of our most socially active dads is reading aloud for his kids in a library after classes, all other kids cling to him without letting go. Such precious moments.

There are many fathers engaging with their children. They nail parenthood, and they are interested in showing off the benefits of fatherhood.

Here’s my personal list of dads’ accounts I’m following:

Thumbs up for fathers who want to take care of their children and play a role in their raising. You’re awesome!

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