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Think about your day. How was it? Are these details really about your day? What would you write in your diary? Not everything goes in.

So, you have to choose, you have to pay attention to your reflection, to the details. Help your kids to choose what is important, to recall their day. Don’t give any opinions. Let them find relationships between situations and consequences. Just lead them. There are no wrong or right answers.

To learn to be mindful, to live a full life, you have to pay attention. A journal requires attention. Sometimes it’s hard. “My Bright Journal” will not send your child a notification or a reminder for you, no blinking signs. You, as the parent, have to do this job.

It’s not just “something else to do” or keeping your kids busy.
Filling in the journal together with them, instead of sending them off by themselves to do it, will create a more meaningful book of memories.

Why is it important to make notes and drawings not just talking about your kid day?
When you both come back to it in couple weeks, these things will help you analyze the difference in those feelings and fears.
Plus, 40 years from now, he will be cleaning out the attic and find his old journal, a snapshot of his childhood, and recall these moments more clear. With the journal, you encapsulate memories and create a record of your kid’s life.

As with any new habit, it takes at least 21 days, if not longer, for it to stick. Be patient with your kids and encourage them to make using their “My Bright Journal” a habit. It’s not meant to be filled in every day, 3-4 time per week is enough to develop a habit.

Make a pause. Take the journal and connect with your child. The payoff is huge.

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