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Back in the kindergarten, I was taught a simple technique of how to draw an evergreen tree by drawing three triangles, one above the other. Surprisingly, even 35 year later, with extensive experience in design, I still use the same simple technique. -Those three triangles, one above the other.

Whenever I am drawing with my kids, I never correct them; I may suggest an idea but never give the instruction.I try to ask open questions that encourage them to think outside the box.

A child’s drawing does not resemble similarity with the real thing; it is more about the author’s idea and representation. For us adults, it’s difficult to understand this, but it’s very important to remember. We are constantly trying to assess how much the picture looks like an object and thinking in terms of “good” or “bad”, depending on the degree of similarity. But for a child, external correspondence is not the main thing. The child draws tactile or motor impressions, not a visible image.

Creative drawing or drawing based on storytelling helps to nurture creative thinking. In “My Bright Journal” you will find plenty of ideas. Let your kids express themselves and experiment with these ideas.

Try yourself as well ? Approach your scribble with courage and inspiration. Prove that you are not afraid of a blank page.


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