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Gardening helps kids engage their curiosity. And it’s a great way to get the entire family outside for fresh air and a good chance for kids to dig in the dirt!

Don’t worry about achieving tremendous harvest. Just dig in and grow something beautiful. It’s not about the result, it’s about memories. Adults who warmly remember a childhood spent in a garden often recall a parent or grandparent, who encouraged them to explore the nature. While you are peacefully digging in, you can have a nice flow of conversation. Take the advantage of this moment to explain things or just talk to your kid.

My Bright Journal” can help you to track your gardening adventures and create a real family archive:

  • Write down the names of the flowers and vegetables you plant
  • Record the weather
  • Note when you water plans
  • Draw the insects and birds you discover in your garden
  • Measure sprouts  from time to time, track the changes
  • Tape in empty seed packets
  • Draw pictures of the seeds, sprouts and harvest

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Will Allen, director of Growing Power, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that promotes urban agriculture, says: “It’s just such a healthy, therapeutic thing to teach about the living soil. Kids can be wired, and they calm down when they work in the soil. To eat something you produce is a worthwhile and meaningful thing.”

Keep the gardening simple and give young gardeners tasks appropriate to their age and skill level.

Our favorite books about gardening are Harvey the Gardener (Handy Harvey) by Lars Klinting and “Dandelion’s Vanishing Vegetable Garden” (Beechwood Bunny Tales) by Genevieve Huriet.

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