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Over the past six months, Ilya has created dozens of books that filled half the bookshelf. Most of them about his favourite eagles and Lego Ninjago heroes. The books are great, however the content may need some improvement). The book by Henrietta really helped him a lot, especially with dialog.

So, “Written and Drawn by Henrietta”.

Plot: Henrietta’s Mom presented her a box of colored pencils and the girl started to create a book.

Execution: Pictures are not for children, namely they are children’s picture. Seeing children’s handwriting on the pages makes it really cute and the author sounds genuine.

Learning moments:
– book creation process is described in a simple way, dynamical with humor
– brainstorming ideas through discussing things outloud or with a cat, use narrative structure
– some words are underlined and highlighted with accents to help young readers remember spelling easier

We read by taking roles. I am Henrietta, Ilya is the character Emily. It is great for storytime or independent reading. And as I enjoy reading books with my kids, reading about how books are created is super exciting. Recommended for ages 5+.

Get ready to provide your young inspired writer with stack of paper and colored pencils!

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