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Elon Musk was once asked why he is not investing his energy and resources in order to cure cancer?

He said, curing cancer will extend life by two to three years on average, and that won’t make a significant difference in terms of saving humankind.

At the same time, bringing humanity into the multi-planetary realm and expanding our area of habitation will help humankind to survive.

What a deep perspective.

When you go to write down your 2017 goals, keep Elon’s idea in mind. No, you don’t have to relocate humanity to a new planet, but we can all establish our own goals, even if they are limited to your own community.

To make your goals successful, they should be:

  • Tailored specifically to you
  • Meaningful
  • Concrete and measurable
  • Flexible
  • Exciting and inspiring
  • Aligned with your key values
  • Balanced
  • Useful for society
  • Realistic

Well, the last point is quite subjective, considering Musk’s point of view.

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