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Recently, I’ve received a question about one particular activity in “My Bright Journal”:
“Why doesn’t the map include the names of the countries or continents? Parents would need to find a map that actually displays the names of the places.”

Exactly! This is the idea! The page activity “Places I Want to Go” invokes investigation and dialog. You are expected to start with the questions, not answers.

It’s not just another map you can find on the web; it’s a way to discover and learn something new! This activity serves as a conversation starter too. If your child doesn’t have an idea, YOU SPEAK:

  • share your dreams about traveling,
  • mark all the places you’ve been,
  • share some story about your trips and interesting people you’ve met traveling,
  • recall some words in the different languages, food, and funny stories.

Enjoy the journey ?

Photo by@bellenwhistlephoto. 

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